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No matter what industry you're in, sales keep your lights on and your door open.


If you are looking to refine and sharpen your staff's sales skills, let us host an interactive and experiential sales workshop that focuses on consultative selling.


We'll customize the workshop to your industry, your preference and focus on the essential part of your business: your people.

Why is Sales Training essential for your employees and your business?

While many businesses operate in industries that naturally attract sales staff, we also have many companies who rely on employees to make sales that aren't necessarily their primary skillset. As an example, in Northern Alberta, Engineers are responsible for sales activities in many organizations. Still, Engineers come from a technical and educational background that doesn't necessarily teach them how to "sell".

If your current sales staff are looking to refine and sharpen their sales skills or have outlier staff members with one foot in their trade and another foot lost in the sales game, we host incredible sales workshops. The workshops are interactive, experiential and have plenty of practice opportunities.


We'll customize the workshop to your industry and your preferences and adapt the workshop to fit the group's needs.  We take directives from you or your managers about which skills you are looking to improve or strengthen and focus on areas like consultative selling, creating an impact, needs assessment, and post-sales activities (to name a few).

We love a challenge, so don't worry if you have resistant staff. We can inspire sales excellence in any employee.


Contact us now for a quote:

780-512-5200 or

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